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Growing Up

Dana grew up in Delaware with her amazing parents and 2 older brothers. Her dad, who is handicapped, had a stroke right before Dana was born. Her mom, still in love with her dad, put on the pants and worked full time to support the family while Dana was raised at home by the guys. Her difficult childhood was her biggest blessing.


She studied shortly at University of Delaware, but it wasn’t long until she was scouted by over 40 modeling agencies around the world and decided to move to Los Angeles. She then studied at AIDA (Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts) for 3 years, improv at UCB, and finally found what she is most passionate about: COMEDY. She studied Stand up Comedy with Greg Dean, and advanced acting courses with Michael Cohen, Todd Todoroff, Scott Sedita, and multiple coaches at the SAG Conservatory.

Class Clown – ComedianDana May Jamison

Comedy is what comes naturally to Dana since she was a little girl growing up. She loves laughter more than anything and stand up has been eye opening because she is discovering even more of who she is and understanding more of what matters most to her in life.


Dana is in love with self expression, traveling, people, writing, painting, nature, and her own personal growth. Psychology is something Dana has passionately studied for years. She is now a certified NLP Practitioner and Therapist (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) by Niurka, and also a certified Practitioner of Supreme Influence. She has traveled the world and because of these amazing opportunities she has gained a perspective on life she values more than anything.

Glow in the Dark

Dana came to LA with a deep desire to make a difference by spreading her light. Todays society, especially children, need leaders that can inspire them to be BRAVE–the world will teach you to question all you know to be true. Mistakes (gifts) are the tools (lessons) needed to build a life of meaning. Compassion, understanding, and COURAGE create the love and inspiration we seek in life. Love is needed to shed light on those darker things to gain understanding. It all starts inside– the SELF.

Dana May JamisonAthlete

On top of her extensive athletic (all-state-record holding) background in physical fitness challenges, soccer,
gymnastics, lacrosse, field hockey, and figure skating, she ALSO took intensive training in LA for Stage Combat, Kick Boxing, Karate, and Martial Arts. She loves sports and is retardedly competitive. Now she loves skiing, rock climbing, hiking, yoga, surfing, riding motorcycles, dirt bikes, and anything adventurous or challenging. She was even on shows like Wipeout and Fear Factor.


When she was young, Danas mom thought a good solution for her awkwardly tomboyish daughter would be “etiquette classes” because she was too much like her brothers. Dana started at Barbizon, joined the agency, and before she knew it she was scouted and living in Los Angeles at 18 years old with a modeling career. Unfortunately, she still is openly fascinated by her very own bowel movements. Learn More
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