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The Search For Good is a cinematic series about eco-conscious tourism, learning from indigenous cultures and giving back to the people and places we visit and impact. It uniquely shows us how we can travel this beautiful planet more meaningfully and leave it better than how we found it.


Dana Jamison has traveled the world, building an impressive collection of versatile and eclectic roles: stand-up comedian (2017 toured in Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Amsterdam, Hawaii), international Indie film actress (‘Faraway’ 2014, ‘Monsters Without’ 2020), assistant to a famous magician, and the list goes on. She’s known for her athleticism and gutsy “never give up attitude,” placing second on ABC’s show ‘Wipeout’ and was also a contestant on ‘Fear Factor’. Dana has a very upbeat personality, is always smiling and laughing, has a silly side and loves to be challenged. Above all, however, her most admirable and notable traits are her compassion and tendency to always connect with people on an authentic level. She’s an “ecotourist adventure junkie” (has traveled to over 30 countries) and feels that travel is the best education and stands for the importance of traveling more consciously. ‘The Search for Good’ will give viewers inspiration and a peek into the people and cultures of these beautiful countries, as Dana lives her dream of traveling through all walks of life and giving a voice and platform to the people and places that are truly making a difference.

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